What More Knowledge One Should Have About Social Bookmarks Submission

We have already seen that web applications which are published socially are a huge success. Sites like the Facebook, Bebo or Orkut have become popular within the people very quickly and are very successful. And now the trend is been changed to the use of Social Bookmarks Submission sites which are now been used by a great number of people.

Now you would be thinking why even care about such sites? Let me make you understand why to do so as to draw benefits from it.

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How to define Bookmarks Submission?

In simple language Bookmarks Submission is a tool provided to us by the internet which helps us in managing or organizing our favorite sites through other Social Bookmarks Submission websites. We can also sort the sites into various categories by tagging them appropriately according to the content they have. Now other people who are interested in the getting information about some topic can go through such bookmarks and may bookmark it as well. This application helps in storing links and sharing WebPages’ URL with other people, this is how it becomes “social”. Bookmarks are of two types one is private and the other is shared. To get a space for Social Bookmarks Submission all you need to do is to login to one of the Social Bookmarks Submission website and register yourself there.

A little history about the Social Bookmarks Submission

The whole concept of Social Bookmarks Submission came out in the month of April 1996 when the first ever Social Bookmarks Submission site itList.com was launched on the internet. It was a huge success and within three years we could see other sites like Backflip, Blink, Clip2, Hotlinks and quiver flourishing on the internet. But these sites which were the first generation Social Bookmarks Submission sites could not make huge profits because dotcom burst in the year 2001.After few years, Social Bookmarks Submission sites like the Del.ici.ous and Simpy came into action followed by Diigo, Ma.gnolia, Netvouz and Stumbleupon. Which are considered to be of the second generation. Uncut Times and Netscape are the newest member to this field and even the giants like the BBC and the IBM have revealed their plans of getting into this field as well.

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Revolution of the Social Bookmarks Submission

This has become the most popular method of exploring the internet. It is a great idea which has made searches on the net very simple. When compared to the old Search Engines these have greater advantages. In Social Bookmarks Submission sites the content is bookmarked by the people who actually go through it , understand it and can rate them according to their quality unlike the search engine which rates the content using its algorithms. The results are sorted on the basis of the number of users or how many times that keyword has been typed on the search bar of the engine.

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